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Do these questions sound familiar?

How do I reduce my IT expense?

Am I doing the right IT things for my business?

What should my IT portfolio look like in 3-5yrs?

How do I make better decisions about IT?  

Why is my IT not doing what I expect?

How do I decide which solution is best? 

How do I decide who to hire for implementation?

Is my IT team organized properly? 

Do I have the right IT operating model?

What do my peers do IT?  How do I compare?









Information Technology.  A very complex and constantly changing matter most businesses must understand and master to compete in their industry.  How do business owners make sense of it when they don't have time to stay aware of the dynamic state of technology?


InfoTech Advisory Group has real-world knowledge and expertise in world-class methodologies and techniques gleaned through working with global consulting firms.  And, with more than 25 years of experience in IT across multiple industries and multiple technologies from mobile to corporate datacenters, we have the insight that matters most to business owners.  


InfoTech Advisory Group is singularly focused on helping your business use the right technology at the right time in the right amounts to achieve your business goals. That's the bottom line.  We don't push products and we don't push our own agenda.  We approach IT with a sense of practicality and wisdom that solves immediate problems and paves the path for your future.


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