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Why InfoTech Advisory Group?


As a career IT professional and practicing Enterprise Architect for over 25 years, with half of that serving as a consultant for "Big 4" advisory firms, Bill Rodriguez recognized a significant gap in the availability of professional IT advisory services for small and medium sized companies.  These smaller firms, while having much less budget, have the same types of issues with managing their IT portfolio as large corporations.  This is the genesis of InfoTech Advisory Group, LLC.  


InfoTech Advisory Group focuses on providing critical insights to help you, your IT staff, and stakeholders to make the most of your IT investments.  We are not about coding, installing new ERP software, or laying new cable. Instead, we help you decide if something should be coded, when you should migrate to a new ERP suite, and whether or not you should use cable or go wireless.  


We're all about helping you make those critical IT decisions expected of you by your stakeholders.  


Compare us to your Attorney, Building Architect, or CPA to whom you look for expert guidance on navigating the worlds of law, design, and accounting.  We approach your IT situation just as professionally and with just as much expertise, but our wheelhouse just happens to be technology.   


We leverage industry best-practices from widely recognized organizations such as ISACA, ISO, ITIL, APQC, COBIT and TOGAF. With a vast network of experienced practitioners, you can trust that InfoTech Advisory Group can provide the advice you need in just the right amounts to give you invaluable peace of mind.   


Contact us, and let's talk about your situation today!  

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