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Professional Services

Strategy & Roadmaps 


What do I do with IT?  What should I do with IT?  How can my business benefit from IT?  Where do I start?


These are common questions InfoTech Advisory Group can help you answer.  Using an industry best-practice and experienced approach, we can work with you and your staff to develop your IT strategy and roadmap that will help your business partners to realize their vision.  


With a comprehensive IT Strategy and Roadmap, you will be prepared to make better decisions and better plan IT into your company's financial plans.



How your organization makes decisions about IT is critical to ensuring you are optimizing your investment while managing business risk.    


Not all business problems can be solved with technology.  We work with your staff to understand your challenges and using our experience and talent for change management, we help you define the most appropriate governance model for your business. 


From developing Steering Committee charters, to developing decision-making methodologies, we can help you put in place the right Governance framework to satisfy your business stakeholders.  

Vendor Liaison


Let's face it, software and hardware vendors want to sell products and services.  That's their business.  How do business owners that don't have the knowledge to know what's right or wrong with products make the right choices when it comes to making hardware and software purchases?  


InfoTech Advisory Group has many years of experience working with many types of hardware and software vendors.  By understanding your business, we can help you to understand how products can benefit your business and we can ask the right questions to help you avoid making bad decisions.  

Assessment & Remediation 


Technology is complex.  Sometimes it just doesn't work the way you expect it to work.  Where is the problem?  How do you make things better?  What are the priorities?  What are your risks?  How do you know?


Using industry best practices frameworks, InfoTech Advisory Group can dive into your issues and help you figure out what's broken and what needs to be fixed.  We will work with your vendors and staff to develop a sensible remediation plan and provide necessary oversight to ensure they fulfill their obligations so you can focus on running your business, not IT. 

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